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Cyber Security Consulting

Due Diligence, Assessments, Audits

About Us

Secure Merger® is a USA based company that focuses on wide range of cyber security services including digital asset protection and cyber security assessments.

Secure Merger® executes services on a global scale. We have the in-house capability to work in multiple countries which is often need when activity takes place on a large scale.

Our information security services include cyber security assessments, regulatory audits, risk mitigation, policy development and cyber emergency response. We have a full list of our cyber security services for you to see.

We offer free whitepapers for healthcare, financial services, retail, and one on how to be proactive with your business regarding cyber security.


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CyberSecurity Documentation Assessment

​Basic Cyber


​* Takes three weeks

* Performed remotely

* Starts less than 10K

*​ Documentation reviewed


CyberSecurity Risk Assessment



​* Takes four Weeks

​* Performed Onsite

​* Includes interviews

​* Performed on third party


CyberSecurity Assessment M&A



​​* Takes five weeks

* Performed onsite

* On-network 

* Dollar quantified results